Cima Again

Hello Peoples! I returned from a week-long Boy Scout campout over at Cockrell River Camp in El Rancho Cima yesterday. This has not been my first time there. I found this trip both delightful and dissatsifying, but more delightful.

One thing I liked about it was good friends. I went with Troop 1001, the troop I had joined earlier this year due to my former troop, Troop 1031, dissolving. I was a bit fuzzy on the members, because most are younger than me and I only knew the names of some members.Despite this, I became good friends with many of them and had fun with them.

Another good thing is merit badges. For those who don’t know, merit badges are badges you earn by completing certain requirements within a specific topic, such as Art, Personal Fitness, Orienteering, and Emergency Preparedness. I completed leatherworking and made a leather pocketknife pouch.  I finished up Enviromental Science, which I orignally had partially completed. I did Cimeatogothy, but I might have a requiremnt or two left. I worked on Orienteering and received a partial. I put in work and got this done in a week.

Third, it was the week of the 4th of July.  On that day was lot of activites. I did the Tomahak toss badly, got LRC branded on my hat, and drank some homemade root beer (technically, it was more tan sugar water than anything). I saw a flag retiring and the movie Johnny Tremain. The flag retiring was sad but proper and respectful.  The movie was good except for fake shooting, singing Sons of Liberty, and a plain ending.  

A bad thing is the hiking. Of course hiking is fun, but in order to eat breakfadst and dinner most nights,you have to hike up hill to the dining hall. I hiked on Death March 1 which is a short 5-mile hike, but ended with aching feet. I did it for fun and to entertain some scouts.

Another bad thing was the area.You will expect a loss in living arragements, but they were livable for a week. Showers had bad curtains and ranged in temperarture of the water and shower head. The food was good, but in large, filling portions. The area is dusty, hot and rocky. When you walk, feet pick up dust and that hurt your eyes, lungs, etc.  The area is beatiful, but a pain to live with.

Overall I had fun. Cima has been a positive experience for me, and I may return again for work or scouting. The campfire were great, and the atmosphere is enthuasic. That’s the good, the bad and the truth.

Until I write again,

Andrew Maynard


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