Rain, Rain… Really Just Go Away

Hello Peoples.

I am tired of rain. It has rained almost every day for the last week, and I’m sick of it. I’m lucky though. At least my house isn’t flooded. Or the power isn’t down.Or whatever.Rain can be good, as in watering plants, and a part of the water cycle. The bad things include flooding and cabin fever.

In Houston, it has rained a lot recently. There are reasons, but I’m not a meteorologist, so don’t ask. Rain is part of the earth sustaining factors. Without participitation, drought will occur. Our plants and food supply will be ruined, lessening the amount. Trees will die and may fall. We need rain.

Rain also is not good. Too much can cause creeks to flood. Mayde Creek and Bear Creek are the two closest creeks and if they fill up, I can’t go anyway north of Bear Creek or south of Mayde Creek. Flood can ruin houses, costing hundreds of dollars for repair. Cabin fever will set in. Like right now.

Rain is a a good thing and a bad thing. Rain will never really go away,unless in the Amazon or other rainforest. It will always come back, unless it’s in the Sahara or any other desert. But then, you really can’t win with rain. That’s the good, the bad and the truth.

Until I write again,

Andrew Maynard

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