Next Bus Home

Hello World! Happy Halloween! Another month passes by and yet this blog passes my mind, I don’t have nearly enough time or commitment value to keep it going. So this month, I’m just going to include song lyrics from a darker time of my life, a couple of summers ago. The lyrics below are for a song called “Next Bus Home.” The songs that are somewhat similar to what it could sound like would be “More Heart, Less Attack” by NeedtoBreathe or “Sink or Swim” by Jason Wade. I was staying the summer in Austin, but I couldn’t keep myself busy enough between my two jobs after finishing my summer class, so I had to go home. I am grateful that God has gotten through those hard times where I all I wanted to do to go home rather than keep going. Here’s “Next Bus Home.”

 Every time I have tried
For every tear I cried
There’s no reason to deny
I was never satisfied
If I had a reason to stay
To not want to go away
I remind myself that I’m okay
And that’s all I have to say
I didn't know I would get this far,
I thought I would've fallen apart.
So take my broken open heart.
Let me be a light in the dark.
Dispel all my doubts and fears
I want your love to live here
I want it all to disappear
I’ll hold on and kept you near
I didn't know I would get this far,
by now, I should've fallen apart.
So know the desires of my heart.
Give me a place to start
So take my broken open heart.
Let me be a light in the dark.
The epiphany I’ve been shown
To the all fear I had known
I don’t want to go it alone
I’ll be leaving on the next bus home.
I’ll be heading, to where I am home.

Until next time,

The Nerd of May

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