Autistic Perspective

Hello World!

I’ve felt the need to blog about a certain subject: Autism. I have mentioned that I’ve wanted to blog about Autism, but in order to do so, I have to feel comfortable in my own skin. I believe I can bring something new to the table in regards to viewing a disability as a gift rather than a curse. 

I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I was diagnosed at the age of 5. Nowadays, Asperger’s  is no longer considered a part of the DSM, I would be diagnosed with a “high functioning” autism spectrum disorder. I put high functioning in quotations because it’s all relative. High functioning just means I can function at an average or higher level than most other people. That’s why it’s not obvious that I’m autistic  My older brother was diagnosed with autism when he was 4, before I was even born. He was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder and considered intellectually disabled.

I experienced two sides of autism, being related to someone who has it, and having it myself. In regards to the latter, I didn’t care too much about my autism. My brother’s disability had influenced me more because my family concerns surrounded my brother. I was cared for and loved, but my brother had to be happy in order for my family to be happy. He was the crucial factor in making decisions, going places, and what not.

I present a different perspective as I see autism in both myself and my brother as a gift from God. I also accept that there’s more to me than my autism. God doesn’t see autism. We humans put labels on things to help us know, understand, and accept things, including race, gender, sexaulity, and neourlogical differences. God sees each and every one of us as a child of God, without all the labels and loves us no matter what. He doesn’t need labels. All that’s needed is love.


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