An Ode to My Childhood Home

When I was a young baby
I slept in the nursery
That room became my own
Sported walls of a sky-blue tone
An arch outside the window
Not much room for my elbows
My leopard gecko and I grew up
Prayed, played and worked hard enough
There are memories within these walls
With my brother and sister down the hall
A place where I wasn’t on my own
An Ode to my childhood home
The downstairs sets the scene
This house is older than me
In the living room I played piano
The computer where I made houses and videos
The kitchen where my parents cooked
A mess everywhere I looked
Every dog we had, lived in the backyard
And our cat that sneaks into the garage
There are memories within these walls
With my brother circling around the hall
A place where I was never alone
An Ode to my childhood home

Saying Goodbye
Is getting quite hard
Because in this place
I have been scarred
But by God’s grace
I have found healing
I cannot describe
What I am feeling
My family hung upon these walls
Even before I was quite small
A place where I wasn’t on my own
The house that was my childhood home
Now that we’re moving out
Without a doubt
I will miss this house

Like a Typhoon

This past Saturday, I had to leave my job at Typhoon Texas as Park Services Team Member. I had the job originally when it opened in 2016, and I thought I could do it again in 2018. Since I also have an internship at CP&Y Inc., I could only work Saturdays. It was rather tiring 6 days a week.


I thought I could do both because I lived in the past. My first summer there in 2016 was one of the best summers of my life. Sure, it was a lot of hard work. Park Services translates to Custodian/Janitorial Duties. So it was a lot of cleaning up. Endless days turning into weeks in the hot sun.  . Working in the waterpark is no walk in park, or free ride, or some other idiom. I learned how to keep  the park clean, how to interact  and help with guests. I enjoyed it.I knew it was a bit of torture, but I kept seeing the sun, not the burning in my eyes or my skin.

The hardest part about all of this is to keep moving forward. I have enjoy where I’m at, and work towards serving others whenever I can, however I can. I went back to Typhoon Texas because I was only remembering the fun splashing and swimming, not the tidal wave of exhaustion I felt everyday. Now I must focus on being a intern at CP&Y Inc.  Continue reading “Like a Typhoon”

A Jack of All Trades

I always carried a deck of cards  in my backpack when I was in a high school. Why? Because you never know if you needed to play a game.  Whether it was Maui, Egyptian Ratscrew, or Castle, I had the key to socialization. Pull out the cards during lunchtime and play a simple game. It can get my mind off it all.  It was a quintessential part of who I was then. Today, I’m reminded of this fact while I’m meeting up with on of my oldest friends whom I played cards with, Michael.

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Engineering Externship 2018

Dear World,

This blog lacks a lot of depth on the Civil Engineering aspects. I admit, I have not done much in school besides learning properties and methods that will help me engineer solutions to civilization’s problems and build new and unique things. It’s nothing. Okay, that’s a lot. Honestly, it’s a bit different from my Catholic mindset, where I talk about my faith. It’s the day-to-day behind the scenes work  that doesn’t get the spotlight. It’s a whole different world.  One of the things I believe is whatever I do has a purpose and should be congruent with my beliefs. I believe that in helping to design and build new things provides a service to the community. So today, I wanted to delve into an experience that helped me better understand construction and how a construction site operates.

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