Go Big or Go Home

Hello World!

I just wanna go home.

No, let me explain. The phrase “Go Big or Go Home” is meant for you to pursue your dreams and became famous and well-known in your field or go home depressed. I think that following your dreams is not wrong, but I think we all need to take a new perspective on this phrase. Going home shouldn’t be the end of the journey, a fall from grace. Going home is part of the journey, a fall back to grace.

I’m laughing off my many assignments and enjoying the moment.
Photo credit: Joanne Nguyen
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Deja Vu

   Hello Peoples! This is my blog. It will  now focus on my life, instead of my videos. For each post, I will explain a topic, and say the good side and the bad side. I want this blog to see both sides of my life and its events and dilemmas.

   For example, life is full of deja vu moments. Deja Vu is a French pharse meaning “already seen.” You say deja vu when you think you’ve seen a situation more than once. My life is chocked full of these moments.

   The good thing is that I’ve seen this before, so, I might know what to do that solve problem again. If I had not solved the problem correctly previously I can try a new way to fix it. It is a second chance to do it right before it can ruin you again.

   The bad thing is I get tired of solving the same situation over and over again. Can somebody stop pressing the repeat button so we can move on to something different? I mean really. Let’s just work this thing outso it does not happen again.

  One truth behind it all: Some things never change and others change it all the time. So every repeat is slightly unlike the other. That’s the good, the bad and the truth.

Until I write again,

Andrew Maynard