Desire: How I Know What God’s Will is for Me

Dear world, it’s 2018. I realize one of my biggest mistakes of my life is that I desire places that God doesn’t want me to go. I desire things that were never meant to be for me. I wanted to be at SLS ’18 in Chicago which is going on as I write, but here I am at home in Texas. I can’t go due to cost, logistics, etc.  I wanted be to part of UT’s marching band, Longhorn Band this past August. I tried out, but I didn’t make it. I wanted to go a summer camp just to visit my friend who worked there. I joked around about it, but it never happened. I wanted to be an architect. I had to change my major when I didn’t have the skills to be what I wanted. These are not inheritably bad things I desire.  I could learn a lot in these experiences that I desire. I could have opportunities to grow in faith through some of these experiences I desire.  Lots of these things are didn’t happen for me. That makes me feel uneasy. Upset. Depressed. Left out. Why do I want to be where God has already decided that I should never be? Continue reading “Desire: How I Know What God’s Will is for Me”

Vacation and Back to School

Hello World,

I think we all need some quiet vacation. Especially since I worked, took summer classes, and did Ignite Texas this summer. So I need to relax a little. MDSCN2364y family decided to stay a couple days in my cousin Ron’s (I think 2nd or once removed, something like that, he’s my Dad’s cousin) and his wife Ellen’s Beach house in Port Aransas. It was super nice. and just a short walk to the beach.  On the first day, we just walked around town and settled in. We had dinner at Seafood and Spaghetti Works, and went down the beach for some quiet time.

On Tuesday, we went to the UT Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas. We walked around on the outdoor and indoor exhibit. I even caught a video of  a brown pelican landing. I cannot show it here due to media restrictions, but it was pretty cool. It was a really interesting place and I would recommend going whenever you are in the area.  DSCN2337  Also UT did not ask me to advertise their place. I’m not that well known anyway. We went the Texas State Aquarium and watched the dolphins. I did not mind much of dolphins in tanks, especially if they are both born in zoos.  We went to Taqueria San Juan, the best Mexican place in Port Aransas. I had the Texas plate, which was good. I liked it, even considering the fact there is only two or three Mexican places there.  We also celebrated my sister’s birthday in the evening.  It was a good day.

The last day we headed home, but not before stopping in Rockport. At Goose Island State Park, we stopped by and saw a baby blue heron. It is not a newborn but it looks rather young and maybe a “teenager.” I am DSCN2370laughing as I write this, because it was so cute. The wind there was unbearable as we tried to picnic-lunch there without losing our food. I enjoyed my break but my older brother could not wait to get home.

Now I am back in Austin for school. I am waiting for classes to start and my roommate to move into the dorm. I hope it all goes well. Especially since I am stressed due to school starting.  It’s good to relax a little before the stresses of life take over.


Hello World!

I am here to talk to you about the fun time I have had at Ignite Texas as a counselor, what I have learned, and the friendships I made. Ignite Texas is a summer camp for incoming UT freshman and transfer students that helps them develop in their faith and be connected within the Body of Christ at UT. The camp has done great things for me as a camper, but even better things as a counselor.

DSCN0526I went to Ignite as a camper last year. The camp was huge, overcrowded, but perfect. The friendships I made there I still connect with every once in a while. My small group leader was unique. He had a personality all his own, but he knew he was God’s. His connection to God was nice and he helped me ground my faith and explain a part of me I still am trying to figure out. The other campers had great stories, and I wanted to be them, to see and look towards God in everything. Honestly, when I look back, I didn’t know where I’d be right now. I had it all planned out then it changed.

To be honest, I didn’t want to go to Ignite as a staffer. I was nervous in a leadership position that I thought I wasn’t ready for. I was unsure. The crazy thing was that God was working though people in my life, leading me to the camp, and I became a natural at loving, leading, and understanding my faith. I connected and made friends with my fellow staff in my camp, Camp Zenon. (11782344_858320344257976_4996526715101058680_onamed after the DCOM) I feel these friends are the ones I want to keep. I will want to keep up with them because they are beautiful people connected to a more beautiful God. They express His love through their words and actions. As I became friends with them I realized I could and have done the same love to many of my friends. I realized my part in God’s story, not just my own. I hold people together; I care genuinely for others.  I cannot say that without acknowledging my Creator and Father as the source.

Now, to the work at camp. It was this past week ,at Session 1 of camp. I connected with the lessons taught by the speaker, Adam Tarnow. I worked with another counselor and we co-lead a small group. He let me speak when needed and vice versa. 720x540_jpeg_e8866a922ca247e682beca91cfbecfa0We tried to let the campers in our small group see God as a Father, and not describe themselves by our relationships, sin,performance, or as just themselves alone, but that they are His. They are part of the Body of Christ. I hope to continue to make in impact in their life, and 11813263_10203597624179676_67329957196368537_nbe friends, like how I am with my old small group leader, my fellow staff members. I hope they grow and learn just I have and will continue to do. I get to see new members of the body of Christ, answered prayers and beautiful works like I did last year, but in a stronger and deeper way, where it is about the heart not just the mind.

Now that both sessions are done, I pray that Session 2 went well. Head to and follow Ignite Texas on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Al the glory goes to Christ Jesus.

“Now to him who is able1 to do immeasurably more than all we ask2 or imagine, according to his power3 that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.1

Ephesians 3:20-21

Ignite the Fire and Roast that B-B-Q

Hello World!

Short blog. There are a lot of topics that I could blog about, but my current ideas feel a bit forced, as I tend to see things in a way that what they actually are or at least appear to be is not what I’m saying. That makes me a skeptic, something I don’t what not to be, at least this early in the blog game. So one request for readers, comment any topics you want me to talk about using “TR: (topic request)”. I will be doing Q & A ‘s soon, but it would be for at least a month. For questions “Q: Question” You can also do this on my twitter @Badsay34, and facebook ,

Sometimes I forget this is a blog about my life. So I’m going to share with you some of my Franklin Barbecue I got this weekend,  instantly.  6 hours for me, 0 hours for you. Oh wait… it is all gone. And the internet doesn’t work that way…  Oh well, pictures are the next best thing.

.DSCN2092DSCN2095DSCN2097 Yes I have some friends, and they saw  that my hopes and dreams were satisfied with the BBQ. Too good to be true, y’all.

Shameless plug!

In a couple weeks, expect a post about Ignite Texas, a camp I truly love. Until then, I will just leave this here, for freshman and transfers going to University of Texas at Austin this year. Check it out! I will be at Session One as a counselor,  but Session Two needs more campers. Ignite link.  It is cheaper and longer than Camp Texas,which means it is so much more worth it. (Please note the experiences are totally different, as I have gone to both as a freshman. Ignite has a more fun, Christ-centered agenda, Camp Texas just has a “Here is UT, meet some people, have some fun.” agenda.) Thanks, y’all.

Architecture and Creativity

Hello World,

I am greatly sorry for the late post, I went home, and I didn’t plan for this post in advance that much. Here you go.

I love to create things. I like to exercise my creative spirit in many different ways: music, writing, poetry, Youtube videos, and art.  I fell in love with the world of architecture, as I thought it would be a successful way to express my creativity for the future.  Lately, I have been looking at many of my creative exports, and trying to understand why I create, who I am. I have noticed a lot of things, such as music and writing stories, is unfinished, low quality, and feels unsatisfying. I will explain my love of architecture, and why I first felt compelled to do it, but also understand my faults for such a career.

Centre Pompidou, Paris France
Centre Pompidou, Paris France
St. Mary’s Chapel in Downtown Austin

I love architecture. It is the most versatile art form. It is a critical part of how we live, where we live, and what we do. One of the main reasons I like architecture is due to an architecture class at University of Texas, Architecture and Society, taught by Mr. Larry Speck. When I first started architecture, I thought, I can learn how to build houses, help all my friends with their dream houses, and be productive. I was wrong. It was much more than just buildings, but buildings that suit the area it was built, the people that inhabit and utilize the buildings, and the beauty behind such a building. I studied many buildings, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. This colorful building was meant to be open, exposed, and show the complex character in contrast on the older surrounding buildings. Another building I actually saw and wrote about was St. Mary’s Chapel in downtown Austin. I actually decided to go to mass, and it was quite beautiful. The mass felt natural and glorious there compared to some other plainer-looking churches, in which do not have the same atmosphere.

 That class gave me first insight into how architecture affected people, and gave me a better reason to pursue architecture than just a creative way to express myself, for the people. I had other studio classes, where I was learning how to do my job as an architect, how to design, how to make buildings beautiful and useful in the real world. The problem with these studio classes was that I was not very good. It was obvious at first, but became more obvious as the year went on.

This is my Design I final model, fall semester.  The idea is for a public concert space in a building for relaxing acoustic guitar.
This is my Design I final model, fall semester. The idea is for a public concert space in a building for relaxing acoustic guitar.

I had many faults in my studio classes.  I wasn’t crafty. I could make a model, but it was not good quality. There were minor misjudgements that added up and never went away. My ideas were not very good. I could not think outside the box very much, and was not initially open to the idea of “no wrong answers, just better or worse.” Finally I could not communicate my ideas in presentation. I did put in a lot of time and effort, but it just was not making sense. I played around with different ideas without ultimately realizing what they do to the design, and communicating those ideas and their purpose was hard for me.  These faults ultimately lead for me to drop out of my second studio class, leaving me behind a year. They also made me question whether to change my major to Architecture Engineering or stay in Architecture.

I tried to understand what was so difficult about my creativity. I looked at my videos, music and other creative exports over the years, and I realize many of them are unfinished. Some of them, I even know I could never finish now because my ideas and mindset are different. I also noticed that a lot  of it was aided by computers, as that somehow made the process easier, but didn’t allow for the greatest potential final product or learning experience. In some cases, computers can be eliminated as in architecture, others not so much, as in videos. Either way, the way I expressed my creativity was made easier through overuse shortcuts to heighten the quality, but decrease the effort and experience. Otherwise, I was pretty mediocre in all  creative efforts, but I  loved and had potential in all of them.

As I go in in my major, I am now wanting to transfer see if engineering would fit my nature, as it has more rules, formulas, and right answers, compared to creativity in  architecture. Creativity in engineering comes from what you have and know, and is more systematic than architecture. Sure, it may be a bit harder and more boring, but if it fits my way of thinking better,  so be it.

Even the 4th of July has bias

Hello World!

You like what I did to the place? I simplified the page design and added some nice colors from an old project to add a better visual appeal to my blog. The picture is from my Aunt Candy and Uncle Glenn’s house in Chappell Hill, Texas.  Next week, I will talk about Creativity and Architecture, the thing I love. Now on with today’s post. D71_5246

Happy 4th of July to us Americans! Please remember to be safe and understand where and why we celebrate Independence Day, INDEPENDENCE from an oppressive government. Or from the British’s perspective, the colonies revolting and not following the King’s rule. That’s where the fuzziness of history, and bias begins: when there are two opposing views of the same event sound different. It has happened long before 1776, as long as history has been reported.

The media has been reporting news, whenever it happens, wherever it happens, for quite awhile. There’s one problem. These days there is seven billion people on the earth. Each person does something remarkable, criminal, controversial, or interesting. That defines news. In order to get your attention, they have to decide which events are interesting for the most people. But that’s just a opinion.

Opinions are fickle. They are based on individual human thoughts. Sometimes similar individuals will have the same opinion. That creates a popular opinion, what the United States firmly believes as essential to democracy,  so much that is one part of our government (Our government is not solely based on popular opinion so that we can get things done within the government without involving everyone, which can be near impossible and be incredibly inconsistent, through elected representatives and leaders). Voting is a way of deciding what is the popular opinion to make the most people happy. The media influences our opinions in order to either sway opinion a certain way or simply inform. I wish it could do just the latter, but humans are flawed, so we just end up doing both.

Opinions form a bias. Bias varies from person to person, but it means that we each have a view that is uniquely our own. In the media, we are replying to others’ bias broadcasted around the world via internet, television, etc. Each person is reporting what is considered the truth about events, when it varies from viewpoint. So the media can lie to us, because they have to decide what is interesting, worthy from us to talk about, and what truth can be seen. We can’t know everything. So they decide what’s important and what’s not.

Then, are they reporting the truth? Yes, but from their perspective. The truth of events can be seen differently to different people, because that’s the flaw of us. We all are different, so different, that it creates each of us distinct in personality, experience and belief. So where is the truth? For me, there’s only one Truth. The voice of Truth from God. But that’s my opinion. While we are on this earth, we will still have the opinions of others that could be true. They are nowhere near God’s Truth.

So what do we do about? Find what  opinion  works best in every situation, and find what matters the most, for example,  a secret trade deal that could poison the country, or a popular man becoming a woman, ruining many people’s beliefs on what’s right and wrong. The United States is  built upon the fact that the only way to resolve the fickle human opinion would be a government based on popular opinion, and representatives to showcase those opinions so they do not overrule each other. The government must hold its own, and be controlled by itself through the people. We also insitute checks and balances so the government does not destroy itself through the people and control the people correctly.

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself.” – James Madison, Federalist No. 51

Update and Restart

Hello World. It’s been a few years and I’ve almost forgotten I had this blog. I’ve wanted to  This blog is for showcasing my beliefs, my opinions and anything else than comes to mind, Currently the plan is to post weekly on Friday until the end of 2015, so I can explain my life, my opinions and whatnot without pushing it and limit myself. I know there will be breaks, but I am working on commitments, a concept I still struggle with. First, I will explain the new name.  It is almost like a categorization of posts, but more of a description of who I am and my life. .

  • A stands for Architecture, my major at the University of Texas at Austin. I am a creative spirit, and architecture is one way I can express that creativity and make it worth while. I am not truly a perfect artist (nor a real good one), but more of a child willing to learn anything given to him. I have loved architecture, but as I go through the school I learn there is more to it than creating. It is functional, it is purposeful, and it is not perfect. My flawed nature gives me some problems in my major, and I have thought of changing. But then, I remember why I fell in love: creativity and use.
  • B is the basics. It is the area where my thoughts on random stuff goes.This is the other category, where my love of band, my Eagle Scout rank, and my quest for finding myself and growing up as a college student exist,  My opinions on anything from LGBT issues  to pop culture, politics to comedy, autism to whatever else is active around the world are in this category. .
  • Finally, the greatest one then all, C is for Christ Jesus, for whom I am ever grateful from beginning of time to his death on the cross, his resurrection and now until forever. My belief and my religion is the center of my life, and words alone can not describe how wonderful and great God is and how he is made in impact on my life. I am a faithful Roman Catholic, but I also hang out with other Christians and share beliefs, because we all worship the same God and teach the same message: love. My belief affects my opinions of other things, as I was raised and I have grown to love God since my baptism when I was two months old.

So, in conclusion the ABC’s of my life is an exploration of myself, my favorite things,my faith and my thoughts on the world.I hope that you enjoy this journey I will embark, in order to express and better understand who I am.

Deja Vu

   Hello Peoples! This is my blog. It will  now focus on my life, instead of my videos. For each post, I will explain a topic, and say the good side and the bad side. I want this blog to see both sides of my life and its events and dilemmas.

   For example, life is full of deja vu moments. Deja Vu is a French pharse meaning “already seen.” You say deja vu when you think you’ve seen a situation more than once. My life is chocked full of these moments.

   The good thing is that I’ve seen this before, so, I might know what to do that solve problem again. If I had not solved the problem correctly previously I can try a new way to fix it. It is a second chance to do it right before it can ruin you again.

   The bad thing is I get tired of solving the same situation over and over again. Can somebody stop pressing the repeat button so we can move on to something different? I mean really. Let’s just work this thing outso it does not happen again.

  One truth behind it all: Some things never change and others change it all the time. So every repeat is slightly unlike the other. That’s the good, the bad and the truth.

Until I write again,

Andrew Maynard