Hello World!

I went on vacation to Arkansas recently and saw many beautiful things, including the Ozarks in Arkansas, hence I call the trip Ozarkansas. I know, I’m punny. I live in Texas, and go to University of Texas at Austin, so I can’t stop repping my horns in Arkansas. Heck, I haven’t been outside of Texas in almost two years. My trip to Arkansas was enchanting.  Arkansas has got some beautiful natural wonders, and I thank God that such beauty exists. I am so glad to take a trip with my family and enjoy the simple things.





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Ignite the Fire and Roast that B-B-Q

Hello World!

Short blog. There are a lot of topics that I could blog about, but my current ideas feel a bit forced, as I tend to see things in a way that what they actually are or at least appear to be is not what I’m saying. That makes me a skeptic, something I don’t what not to be, at least this early in the blog game. So one request for readers, comment any topics you want me to talk about using “TR: (topic request)”. I will be doing Q & A ‘s soon, but it would be for at least a month. For questions “Q: Question” You can also do this on my twitter @Badsay34, and facebook ,https://www.facebook.com/pages/ABCs-of-My-Life/143738565688001?ref=hl.

Sometimes I forget this is a blog about my life. So I’m going to share with you some of my Franklin Barbecue I got this weekend,  instantly.  6 hours for me, 0 hours for you. Oh wait… it is all gone. And the internet doesn’t work that way…  Oh well, pictures are the next best thing.

.DSCN2092DSCN2095DSCN2097 Yes I have some friends, and they saw  that my hopes and dreams were satisfied with the BBQ. Too good to be true, y’all.

Shameless plug!

In a couple weeks, expect a post about Ignite Texas, a camp I truly love. Until then, I will just leave this here, for freshman and transfers going to University of Texas at Austin this year. Check it out! I will be at Session One as a counselor,  but Session Two needs more campers. Ignite link.  It is cheaper and longer than Camp Texas,which means it is so much more worth it. (Please note the experiences are totally different, as I have gone to both as a freshman. Ignite has a more fun, Christ-centered agenda, Camp Texas just has a “Here is UT, meet some people, have some fun.” agenda.) Thanks, y’all.

Deja Vu

   Hello Peoples! This is my blog. It will  now focus on my life, instead of my videos. For each post, I will explain a topic, and say the good side and the bad side. I want this blog to see both sides of my life and its events and dilemmas.

   For example, life is full of deja vu moments. Deja Vu is a French pharse meaning “already seen.” You say deja vu when you think you’ve seen a situation more than once. My life is chocked full of these moments.

   The good thing is that I’ve seen this before, so, I might know what to do that solve problem again. If I had not solved the problem correctly previously I can try a new way to fix it. It is a second chance to do it right before it can ruin you again.

   The bad thing is I get tired of solving the same situation over and over again. Can somebody stop pressing the repeat button so we can move on to something different? I mean really. Let’s just work this thing outso it does not happen again.

  One truth behind it all: Some things never change and others change it all the time. So every repeat is slightly unlike the other. That’s the good, the bad and the truth.

Until I write again,

Andrew Maynard