What I want and What I need


I want y’all to know something. I want to make videos. It is a want, not a need for the only benefit is the sharing joy and entertainment with others. I have nothing that says I have to make a video on a certain day at these intervals of time.  So I can do other things that are required and needed.

Why I am saying this?  I filmed a video yesterday that I wanted to put out yesterday but failed to due to other things. I could have done those other things earlier and worked on my video over time since now I see the video as confsuing and swirling upon itself into incomplete misunderstandings.

So, in short, Work hard on needs, wants should have less time, but if there is time, effort is the way to satisfy wants. Effort can work on needs as well.

The First Ever Episode of The Triplet Troubles

Hey People who care enough to read (Yes, you are one of them),

Just in case you are unaware of the title,  this is the blog about “The Triplet Troubles’ ” first episode ever. Watch it at the end of this post.

This video feels like “deja vu” to me because I have done this same idea for “Stupid, Stupider, and Stupidest: The Series.” The only problem is it won’t be like that for my viewers, unless they have watched a previous video called “Update Videos are RANDOM!”  

I had planned to produce a baseball video for the original series, but the camera that I filmed with at the time turns sunlight into pink light, ruining video and pictures into a pinkish mess. Luckily, I had thought about doing this idea again for the new series. I reinvented the story idea from a no plot comedy episode to a small plot situation. Dave worries about hitting a ball from Tom during a baseball game in the front yard.

On other notes, the episode involving my girlfriend Arielle has been delayed due to timing inconvience. The episode will be made when it wants to be made, since there is little contiunity between episodes. 



P.S. My blog should be on more than just videos. I just need to have more time on these and not focus on just my videos. They are only beneficial to me having fun and making something of worth, beside schoolwork.  


New Year, New Logo, New Show

Hey! Happy New Year! Two things are coming for my channel and blog.

      New logo, as you can see,is a flying zebra pegasus in green squares in a blue oval with a red background. I have decided to not feature myself because I want the logo to not be all about me.

  Next, new show. Stupid, Stupider and Stupidest: The Series is over, because a new show is coming in its place. This new show is called The Triplet Troubles. It has similar characters to Stupid, Stupider, Stupidest,as most of the character’s  personalities are the same, just that they have real names, and are not as stupid as in the original. Stupid becomes Dave and is a nerd. Stupider and Stupidest become Rob and Tom, respectively, and their personalities do not change.

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Update on My Life


Just to let you know, life is crazy. I am super busy at times because of band, so videos are now on Wednesdays. I  will try to make videos. If I don’t, the reason is either a  busy day, or a disfigured and barely finished video. I want to have quality over quantitiy, for indeed some past videos are seemingly terrifying in the fact that I did work hard enough.



Super Powered Stupidity

Now I have made a Stupid, Stupider, and Stupidest: The Series episode about super powers. This idea has been in my head for a while so I’m glad I made it finally. It’s not perfect, but for 15 year-old, it’s not bad. You will laugh multiple times during this video. Mainly about staring. Those stares are pretty powerful. Killing, almost. More like passing out. Video Link:

Aliens are weird. Just sayin’

Hello people who can read my blog!  This is my fist time using this blog site, so if I mess up, it’s not that bad.  Anyway, the reason why I post is to showcase my youtube videos. Here is one I made just recently. It is a sci-fi comedy. The effects are chessy, (none, really, except for the voice), so it is good.  It is called “ALIEns” not “aliens” or “ALIENS.” The capital letter are for no reason. It is odd how they spell out “ALIE” jk. I just it was cool that it did that, so I went ahead.By the way, Press 8 for the best part over and over.  Thanks, and See Ya later, Alienators