Update on My Life


Just to let you know, life is crazy. I am super busy at times because of band, so videos are now on Wednesdays. I  will try to make videos. If I don’t, the reason is either a  busy day, or a disfigured and barely finished video. I want to have quality over quantitiy, for indeed some past videos are seemingly terrifying in the fact that I did work hard enough.



Super Powered Stupidity

Now I have made a Stupid, Stupider, and Stupidest: The Series episode about super powers. This idea has been in my head for a while so I’m glad I made it finally. It’s not perfect, but for 15 year-old, it’s not bad. You will laugh multiple times during this video. Mainly about staring. Those stares are pretty powerful. Killing, almost. More like passing out. Video Link:

Aliens are weird. Just sayin’

Hello people who can read my blog!  This is my fist time using this blog site, so if I mess up, it’s not that bad.  Anyway, the reason why I post is to showcase my youtube videos. Here is one I made just recently. It is a sci-fi comedy. The effects are chessy, (none, really, except for the voice), so it is good.  It is called “ALIEns” not “aliens” or “ALIENS.” The capital letter are for no reason. It is odd how they spell out “ALIE” jk. I just it was cool that it did that, so I went ahead.By the way, Press 8 for the best part over and over.  Thanks, and See Ya later, Alienators