What “The Nerd of May” Means

On the last day of May, I am finally explaining what “The Nerd of May” means. Nothing.

Okay. My last name is Maynard. It’s pronounced May-nerd. I consider myself a nerd.

WIN_20170723_15_53_50_ProI’m intelligent, knowledgeable, and I’m a tad bit introverted. The last part becomes less true the more you know me. I fit the stereotypical nerd look. I can dress up in a button up shirt, with my glasses.Except you almost never see them.  They’re reading glasses.

So, I took my last name Maynard and inverted it to make “The Nerd of May. The month of May has no significance to the blog itself. I was actually born in June. I think it could mean that there’s more to me than you may not know. I’m more than a nerd. I’m more than autistic. I’m more than my descriptive “Catholic college student majoring in Civil Engineering who loves Jesus, family, friends and the buildings around us.” on most of my social media.  I am a child of God.

I wish I could change my url to thenerdofmay.com, but that’s not until I can afford it. It remains badsay34.wordpress.com because of my old username “Badsay34” that I inherited from my innocent youth. It was random.  No indication that it I actually don’t like to say anything bad, including curse words or adult humor, despite being an adult.

This blog is a place where I can create. It is a place where I share things that I’ve been inspired to share. It is to let others know that they are loved. It is for acceptance and creativity. I believe it all comes from God in how he created me and how I use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to show others that I may be more. They may be more. But Jesus Christ is greater than all that. And for him my Lord and Savoir, I am eternally grateful.


With Love,

The Nerd of May

My Year in Review: 2017

Hello world! Merry Christmas! (It’s still Christmas until January 7 this year according to the Catholic Liturgical Calendar.)

I write today about how my 2017 went and what I have planned for 2018. Honestly, 2017 was one of the toughest years I have had in my life. I tried new things, and learned more about myself than ever before in my life. I admit that I was not pleased with who I was at times. I realized how I have been affected by my past and how I can shape my future. I hope to always follow God and do His Will. I hope that I embrace who God calls me to be as part of His plan for me. I want to go over my year to show much I have learned and how I will continue to grow, love and serve others as Jesus did. Continue reading “My Year in Review: 2017”

Try Again

Hello World!

A lot has changed in such a short time. Where do I even begin? I have felt a million things to talk about. This is a update on how I’m doing.

So, let’s start with the location change.  I had to move back to Houston until school starts. I had two jobs in Austin, while I was taking a summer class. That sounds like a lot. It really wasn’t when both jobs only totaled to less than 20 hours a week, and the  class was only  hours a week One was a retail job at the University Co-op. The other was a custodial work at the university Catholic Center. I preferred the UCC job, because I had worked with trash before, and it was in a place that I called home. My co-op job was hard. I had to adapt to new situations quickly. I had to put an act in order to act in order to provide great service. It’s not like I don’t like being nice, but the ways in which I articulate and present myself don’t always come off as I plan to. The last thing is that I never got to work enough hours to prove myself. I can’t just blame the Co-op, I had a hard schedule. My therapy appointments always conflicted with my work, even when I tried to warn my manager about those conflicts, move around therapy appointments, etc. It was hard through I had so much free time outside of work. My summer class ended in mid-July and I went on vacation to Arkansas. I decided to come back to Austin to finish up the jobs for the rest of the summer. The thing was within a couple weeks, I had quit my Co-op job because they didn’t give me any hours for two weeks. I was told to quit because business is slow, and I wouldn’t get hours until August 18. I was planning on quitting on August 17, because after that I would be starting band, and it was going to busy. I quit my other job, too, because 10 hours a week wasn’t enough for me to remain mentally stable. I went home.  Continue reading “Try Again”


Hello World!

I went on vacation to Arkansas recently and saw many beautiful things, including the Ozarks in Arkansas, hence I call the trip Ozarkansas. I know, I’m punny. I live in Texas, and go to University of Texas at Austin, so I can’t stop repping my horns in Arkansas. Heck, I haven’t been outside of Texas in almost two years. My trip to Arkansas was enchanting.  Arkansas has got some beautiful natural wonders, and I thank God that such beauty exists. I am so glad to take a trip with my family and enjoy the simple things.





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Longhorn Band

Hello World!

The Nerd of May is here again! I will be auditioning for the Longhorn Band at University of Texas at Austin.  I’m going to be a senior this year and I hadn’t played clarinet for almost three years until very recently. I was in band since junior high. I played clarinet for most of my junior high years and switched to Bass Clarinet in middle of 8th grade. I played the Bass Clarinet all through high school. I know it’s been aw1382797_10201237829046770_772083217_nhile since I’ve been in band, but I have faith in myself to audition once. I have truly missed playing music and performing, along with the other associated antics of being band. I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have the experience of being part of a college band.

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*Note: these words are the lyrics of an unfinished song. I will need to record the accompanying music. The song describes of wanting to be there for someone because I see that the other person is going through a hard time. The person I directed this song did not exist initially, but I have situations in my life where I hear this song resonate, ignoring the pretense of a relationship.  I imagine the end chorus of the song being sung as a three part Round. Here is “Around.” 

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Begin Again

Hello World,

I want to make many things a bit more public. I know, I don’t post here anymore, blah, blah, blah. I don’t think my friends even know that this page existed. And that is still exists. But here I am, seeking for some direction in life, and I want to have a space to share myself to the world. I want to use this blog as a way to show who I am and what I do. It is an outlet for my creativity that tends to go unseen. It doesn’t matter if it is just perfect, or seen as useless. I want what I do in these spouts of creativity to be shared so I can see worth in my talents. If I am living for myself, creating for myself, it goes nowhere. Through I am glad to get it out, I feel scared to share it because it feels incomplete or useless.  I desire a purpose in life, in every moment. I know who I live for, God, obviously. I just want some of my decisions to have a higher meaning.  Continue reading “Begin Again”