My Year in Review: 2017

Hello world! Merry Christmas! (It’s still Christmas until January 7 this year according to the Catholic Liturgical Calendar.)

I write today about how my 2017 went and what I have planned for 2018. Honestly, 2017 was one of the toughest years I have had in my life. I tried new things, and learned more about myself than ever before in my life. I admit that I was not pleased with who I was at times. I realized how I have been affected by my past and how I can shape my future. I hope to always follow God and do His Will. I hope that I embrace who God calls me to be as part of His plan for me. I want to go over my year to show much I have learned and how I will continue to grow, love and serve others as Jesus did. Continue reading “My Year in Review: 2017”

Try Again

Hello World!

A lot has changed in such a short time. Where do I even begin? I have felt a million things to talk about. This is a update on how I’m doing.

So, let’s start with the location change.  I had to move back to Houston until school starts. I had two jobs in Austin, while I was taking a summer class. That sounds like a lot. It really wasn’t when both jobs only totaled to less than 20 hours a week, and the  class was only  hours a week One was a retail job at the University Co-op. The other was a custodial work at the university Catholic Center. I preferred the UCC job, because I had worked with trash before, and it was in a place that I called home. My co-op job was hard. I had to adapt to new situations quickly. I had to put an act in order to act in order to provide great service. It’s not like I don’t like being nice, but the ways in which I articulate and present myself don’t always come off as I plan to. The last thing is that I never got to work enough hours to prove myself. I can’t just blame the Co-op, I had a hard schedule. My therapy appointments always conflicted with my work, even when I tried to warn my manager about those conflicts, move around therapy appointments, etc. It was hard through I had so much free time outside of work. My summer class ended in mid-July and I went on vacation to Arkansas. I decided to come back to Austin to finish up the jobs for the rest of the summer. The thing was within a couple weeks, I had quit my Co-op job because they didn’t give me any hours for two weeks. I was told to quit because business is slow, and I wouldn’t get hours until August 18. I was planning on quitting on August 17, because after that I would be starting band, and it was going to busy. I quit my other job, too, because 10 hours a week wasn’t enough for me to remain mentally stable. I went home.  Continue reading “Try Again”


Hello World!

I went on vacation to Arkansas recently and saw many beautiful things, including the Ozarks in Arkansas, hence I call the trip Ozarkansas. I know, I’m punny. I live in Texas, and go to University of Texas at Austin, so I can’t stop repping my horns in Arkansas. Heck, I haven’t been outside of Texas in almost two years. My trip to Arkansas was enchanting.  Arkansas has got some beautiful natural wonders, and I thank God that such beauty exists. I am so glad to take a trip with my family and enjoy the simple things.





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Longhorn Band

Hello World!

The Nerd of May is here again! I will be auditioning for the Longhorn Band at University of Texas at Austin.  I’m going to be a senior this year and I hadn’t played clarinet for almost three years until very recently. I was in band since junior high. I played clarinet for most of my junior high years and switched to Bass Clarinet in middle of 8th grade. I played the Bass Clarinet all through high school. I know it’s been aw1382797_10201237829046770_772083217_nhile since I’ve been in band, but I have faith in myself to audition once. I have truly missed playing music and performing, along with the other associated antics of being band. I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have the experience of being part of a college band.

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*Note: these words are the lyrics of an unfinished song. I will need to record the accompanying music. The song describes of wanting to be there for someone because I see that the other person is going through a hard time. The person I directed this song did not exist initially, but I have situations in my life where I hear this song resonate, ignoring the pretense of a relationship.  I imagine the end chorus of the song being sung as a three part Round. Here is “Around.” 

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Begin Again

Hello World,

I want to make many things a bit more public. I know, I don’t post here anymore, blah, blah, blah. I don’t think my friends even know that this page existed. And that is still exists. But here I am, seeking for some direction in life, and I want to have a space to share myself to the world. I want to use this blog as a way to show who I am and what I do. It is an outlet for my creativity that tends to go unseen. It doesn’t matter if it is just perfect, or seen as useless. I want what I do in these spouts of creativity to be shared so I can see worth in my talents. If I am living for myself, creating for myself, it goes nowhere. Through I am glad to get it out, I feel scared to share it because it feels incomplete or useless.  I desire a purpose in life, in every moment. I know who I live for, God, obviously. I just want some of my decisions to have a higher meaning.  Continue reading “Begin Again”

Why I Never Became a Youtuber

Hello world!

If you navigate your way through my old posts, you might find some Youtube videos. My youtube is still connected to this blog. I honestly was silly and weird when I was young. Of course, I find Austin to be my second home, so maybe I never changed.

Snapshot 1 (6-27-2016 11-51 AM)
Bob was an alter ego, who was originally  created as the voice of reason in “Explain Time”, but became the epitome of my weirdness.

Anyhow, I still have a tendency to want to make videos. I have ideas, but I don’t the time, effort, or the technology. My good video  editor is on an older computer that doesn’t work anymore. I have a different camera now, with different video features. 1080 p on 4:3 ratio? Really? I have a different life, with a job, school, and other things to  I realized that I am not that good as I once thought I was. My big head blocks my own reality sometimes. I cannot  do everything that comes to my head. Some ideas are just bad. For example, I originally planned to make a parody of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea, called “Clumsy” (didn’t Fergie make a song called that many years ago?) The lyrics are in the link.

I know now to not take every idea and produce it. If anything is worth making, I have to think it through, have everything I need, and commit. The last requirement is the hardest, as I am honestly terrible with some commitments. School, work, those are easy and most important. Hobbies? Youtube? Those come last. Including this blog. (I’m just bored while I have the day off.) I have also tried to vlog my life, but I still get too busy. Oh well.

I am glad I at least didn’t go for RTF (radio, television, film) as a major. I was atrocious, and I would rather pursue something that is necessary. Civil Engineering is necessary.

Until next time,

Andrew Maynard


No Bummer Summer

Hello peoples.

Things have changed. I lost track of my time and this blog has gone to waste. Another semester at UT Austin done. My life has been in constant flux, and I have been too busy from schoolwork to finals to remember I have a blog to keep up.  I always drop something when I’m too busy, this is the first to go. I know that not many people read this blog, so it seems as a pointless exercise in explaining my opinion and my viewpoint and not much about my life or myself. I don’t want to be selfish. I do love myself, but I know who I am comes from God. My belief in God has been a crucial part of my life.

The thing is I have a summer inDSCN2103.JPG front of me.  I am not who I was the summer before. I was uncertain of the future, just a kid trying to be an adult. I had to take a summer Physics course at UT, so I had subleased part of a two-bedroom apartment. I was alone. I had some friends and formed a study group, but I felt alone. Maybe it was the fact I was the only person in the apartment for two months. Maybe because I don’t have constant contact with friends outside of school. Maybe I listened to “I Live Alone” by Sky Sailing too much. Whatever it was, it was a learning experience. I kept myself busy with my first job at Whataburger, (you gotta start somewhere.)

That’s what I tell myself now. I have now a better summer. Snapchat-5568888854959408023[1] I am home in Houston for the
summer. I took a job at the new  waterpark, Typhoon Texas. I am starting another Physics class at Lonestar College Cyfair. I hope to finally get my driver’s license.( Never found the time  to finish Driver’s ed when I was in school.) The reason I look back to then because I went through all of that and where I am now seems more comfortable than last year. I think things have changing.  I am ch
anging my major to Civil Engineering.

When I  entered Architecture at UT, I could not stand the workload, and have the technical skill my classmates all seemed to have. My creativity worked by math, patterns, and formats. In architecture I had to translate my artistic visions into physical and spatial reality via scale models,  hand-drawings, and my vocal presentation. I failed to understand what I was even doing. No architect is perfect, but I could not be successful in a field that I can’t do. I wanted to transfer to Architectural Engineering. This took a  a long journey of extra year just taking core courses I needed to transfer, barely raising my GPA because I had to balance class, my social life, and my extracurricular activities. I applied in April to transfer to Architectural Engineering, and put Civil Engineering as my back-up. I was denied into Architectural Engineering, and entered into Civil Engineering.

Now, I must it face every aspect of my life as a gift from God and understand it may not be what I want, but what is best. Why don’t I want what’s best for me?  I guess it’s because God knows me better, and I’m a foolish human. I must trust in Him, so to assure this summer, every season  is good for me. I’m learned last summer to face with what’s been given, and I must continue to trust.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, on your own intelligence do not rely; In all your ways be mindful of him, and he will make straight your paths.”

-Proverbs 3:5-6 NAB

Ask Andy #2: Architecture

I can’t say how much adoring architecture became my life when I started architecture school, but the obvious evidence is in this tweet.

Basically, I liked architecture because I learned more about it. My major became my interest.  Now, that my plans changed from Architecture to Engineering, the adoration still remains. Yet I go to a more practical and problem-solving career rather than an artistic and  indescribable, I am thankful for my architecture professors for satisfying that interest. These questions pertain to architecture. Continue reading “Ask Andy #2: Architecture”

My Life

I know it has been a while since I have written a blog, but I want to update y’all on my present state of mind. I am in the midst of midterms, and I need some rest every once in a while. I skipped last week, due to a retreat, and not planning ahead. I need to work on that.

DSCN1298Despite all of this ruckus, I must be calm and follow God’s plan for me. I am an architecture engineer, building off of God’s design. I must build others up, in order so that they may see and understand Jesus and his love for all of us. I must follow his design, and  he is not like most architect, who let their mind get in the way of reality. He knows me, hat I can do, and uses me to my potential to create a home for him. It is all for him.

I have thought about Ask Andy, and I will be responding to some Architecture related questions next week. I feel that in order to get really good questions, I must ask for them in the previous Ask Andy blog. Other than that, I hope to be ready next week, and in the following weeks, to write masterpieces.

Thanks for reading,

Andy MaynardWIN_20160224_08_45_48_Pro