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As I hold myself accountable for writing a blog post about once a month, and that my last blog post was about a past event, it’s time for update. This post will be a bit more current. It will be very electric.

So, a month ago, I started my new job at Barry Engineering as an Engineer in Training. This is only my second engineering job ever, and to be honest, I’m pretty lucky to get this far. I overlooked this company. I had the company in my “Job Database”, which is just an Excel spreadsheet I used to keep track of my job applications for a while. I’m not very good at keeping track, because I started only adding dates to my database until after I graduated. Adding on to that, technically, Barry Engineering was listed as “Berry Engineering” at one point. They say hindsight is 20/20, but 2020’s not until next year.

So, going through my list of companies I did not apply to, I found Barry Engineering or “Berry Engineering” as I had spelled it. I looked up the company’s website. They didn’t have a interface for job applications, just an email to send a resume. The website itself was very simple, as it didn’t mention any of the projects they did by name, but simply advertised the company. It was in Cypress, somewhat close to my home in Katy. I wrote an email, but it wasn’t a full formal cover letter style email. I attached my resume and sent it off.

I didn’t think much about the “application” until it came back with a pleasant response. It was the President of the company, (who I will keep anonymous,) who liked my resume. He needed some engineering help as he was the only Professional Engineer on staff for the past few months. The company seemed really small, but I didn’t want to say no to the opportunity. They worked on a lot of multilevel multifamily complexes, (“multi”-words for apartment complexes,) and focused on Structural Engineering. We set-up an in-person interview on a Thursday morning at 10am. I was in middle of waiting for a response from another larger company, who I had an awkward but enthusiastic phone interview a few weeks before.

Before my interview, I went to church forweekday Mass. I was lucky enough to go to morning weekday Mass twice a week. My home parish has weekday Mass on Tuesday and Thursdays at 8:30am that I had liked to attend this past summer job-searching at home. I can’t do that now as my work schedule interferes, but I’m grateful for every blessing. I was dressed up for my interview that day. It helped to pray about my interview and put in all in perspective. It helps to receive the Eucharist and put my faith in Christ first.

Then, I drove up to Cypress for my morning interview. I got there a little early, said a Hail Mary, which has become my new routine before work, and a few other prayers before going inside the office. The office is a one story brick building off the feeder road of 290. I went inside and saw a small reception area. The receptionist was out that day, so I rang the bell on her desk. I waited in the clean reception area before my interviewer, the President of the company, himself came in. He shook my hand, greeted me and we walked to the conference room, which was next to the reception desk. He escorted me to the conference room and the interview process began. It was a simple formal interview. He asked me a few questions. I talked about myself, my interests in becoming a Professional Engineer as to serve others. Yet I mean in general, the common response is public works, which was not common there. He talked about himself and the company. He has had a few EITs in the past twenty years, and that the last one had moved away, just taking his P.E. test. When I mentioned that I live close to Mayde Creek High School, he mentioned that one of the clients he works with had a son who went there. I barely knew that person while I was there, but I was glad to hear he was doing well. I also did mention that the place was rather close to Reach Unlimited, my older brother’s day program for special needs. I mentioned my own disability with Asperger’s Syndrome. He was proud that I made it and that I was conversing well with him. He showed me some of the plans of the projects they had worked on, and describing what I would be doing. They work with a lot of wooden structures and I had no experience with wood, only steel and reinforced concrete. After all of that, he gave me a tour of the place. There’s his office, a couple bathrooms, and an open room in the side and the back of the office for the workers It was very open-concept and they had only been working there for a few months. There was a small kitchen for a break room, and a staircase to an attic used for storage. I met some of the other coworkers in the office. After that, I told him that I needed some time to figure out what I wanted. I decided that I wanted to wait until I got a response from that other company before accepting an offer.

Plot twist: I didn’t wait that long. Yet I kept communicating with the said other company, they did not get back to me initally. A week later, the President of Barry Engineering sent me an email, mentioning a contract basis employment. The receptionist sent me a handbook earlier in the week discussing that there was a 90-day contract trial basis before hiring any new workers. I was timid and hesitant. I emailed the other company, but I didn’t get any response. I decided to move forward with the offer at Barry Engineering that day. The other company took me out of consideration the next day in an email.

I am so glad that I am working at Barry Engineering now. I think it is funny looking back on such a lucky shot. I think that looking back on an event bring a new perspective on the experience. I was timid and hesitant, but honest and sincere. I am reminded of how much I’m called to serve and love others as the purpose of my work, career, and life. I can move forward towards greater things yet to come. I hope for the best, and I hope to learn so much in my new position. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to work there.

Until then,

The Nerd of May

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