The Real Meaning of the Mystical Body of Christ



Hello y’all! It’s  been a week since Longhorn Awakening 64. I gave a talk about the Mystical Body of Christ. I also participated in Music Staff this Awakening, helping lead Praise and Worship via singing. It was a fantastic experience, probably the best Awakening I have staffed.  I initially wanted to copy a transcript of my talk, but since I believe that the nature of Awakening talks is more relevant only on retreat, I’m going to share my experiences there instead.

If anyone knows me, I’m probably one the most frequent Longhorn Awakening staffers. This was my 8th Longhorn Awakening, and my 7th time staffing.  I went on Longhorn Awakening 57, and was welcomed into a community of believers.I also learned so much about how to properly live out my faith, and what being Catholic is all about.

1962878_1631567410317643_8321557457943682066_nI built my relationship with Christ, as I found that I need to not only go to Church on Sunday, but pray frequently, and serve as a part of the Church.  I found friends, but more importantly I found a family and a community. I found the Mystical Body of Christ at Longhorn Awakening. My friends don’t care if I’m autistic or that I just come off as a smiling, quirky intellectual. They don’t care if I had a troubled childhood. I was loved just as God created me, and He loves me then and now.



I continued to staff by praying for others, leading small groups, and assisting the staffers and retreatants in their journey. Praying for the retreatants, even when I don’t know them or they know me, is really powerful. I have served retreatants directly and indirectly, through praying, and on Longhorn Awakening 63 cleaning, and cooking. The most notable impact is when I lead a small group on Longhorn Awakening 62. I found comfort in a small group co-leader who appreciated  me for my fun quirky side, and took me seriously when I needed it. I might be a Dad-type leader, but all jokes and puns aside, I co-led a group of 7 retreatants and brought them to Christ. I love them because God loves them. Jesus died out of love, and I want to share that kind of love. This group showed me how a community is a family.



Finally this Awakening was notable because I got to witness a community go from a random bunch of college students to a living fire. I think the Mystical Body of Christ is like a bonfire. We are like embers, ignited by the eternal flame of the Holy Spirit. We need each other  in order for the fire to burn. I keep the fire alive by praying, and strengthening my faith and trusting in God. I keep the fire alive by hoping in the Resurrection of Jesus and the eternal life He wants for me.I keep the fire alive by loving others. I know that if I’m not a part of the community, I will be like an ember separated from the fire that goes out. I pray that those who ever been on an Awakening keep the fire alive by being a part of a bigger community, the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church itself.

“We are One Body, One Church, on fire for Christ.”- Me


The Nerd of May

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