Reawaken The Spirit at Longhorn Awakening

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When I first came to college, things were different. I obviously wanted to get involved within my church, the University Catholic Center. I was fully in touch with the community despite meeting lots of people that could connect me the first couple weekends or so there. I had to find where can and do I serve.

1962878_1631567410317643_8321557457943682066_nI love retreats. I tend to become a retreat addict, because there is a spiritual and emotional high that I tended to lose once I left. I went into Longhorn Awakening 57 to better understand my faith in my college life. I instantly became part of a family and community that focused on God’s love. I learned how to be more involved in my faith, more just being in organizations, but also strengthening my own personal relationship with God. I found a place where I could thrive. I try to keep what I’ve learned into my daily life. I had found ways to continue my love for retreats in organizations by staffing Awakening, and STRONG, a retreat team to help on middle and high school retreats.

12185567_10153279828676588_1924359406425184612_oStaffing Awakening has been and still is one of my favorite things to do each semester. Each retreat is oriented differently, but the traditions remain very much the same. I love to staff as much as I loved being a retreatant. It is a new experience every semester. I love to see how much God’s grace impacts others as much or even more than it did to me. It is beautiful and it lifts me up to see others fall in love all over again. I have learned a lot from staffing.

If Awakening sounds like a retreat for you, Longhorn Awakening 60, the retreat for students by students is open for registration until March 19. The weekend of retreat is April 1-3.  If you want you can connect to Longhorn Awakening on social media, here are links to  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. 

Thank you for reading,

Andrew Maynard

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