My Life

I know it has been a while since I have written a blog, but I want to update y’all on my present state of mind. I am in the midst of midterms, and I need some rest every once in a while. I skipped last week, due to a retreat, and not planning ahead. I need to work on that.

DSCN1298Despite all of this ruckus, I must be calm and follow God’s plan for me. I am an architecture engineer, building off of God’s design. I must build others up, in order so that they may see and understand Jesus and his love for all of us. I must follow his design, and  he is not like most architect, who let their mind get in the way of reality. He knows me, hat I can do, and uses me to my potential to create a home for him. It is all for him.

I have thought about Ask Andy, and I will be responding to some Architecture related questions next week. I feel that in order to get really good questions, I must ask for them in the previous Ask Andy blog. Other than that, I hope to be ready next week, and in the following weeks, to write masterpieces.

Thanks for reading,

Andy MaynardWIN_20160224_08_45_48_Pro


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