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When this post is published, I will be busy on Austin Caritas 2016, a mission trip serving the local Austin area through the University Catholic Center and Schoenstatt University Men. I will not be unavailable until Sunday.  I hope to blog about that in the future, but for now I will present to you a little bit of an opinion topic about a prominent person in the faith: Mary, the Mother of God.


Lots of Catholics know about Mary. She is featured around the time of and during Jesus’s birth, the Wedding of Cana, and his death. People wonder why she is important. She was sinless, the mother of God. She has appeared to many, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Our Lady of Fatima. She was even mentioned recently as an important woman by Time Magazine. Though her appearance in the Gospels is rare, she has her purpose. She is an example of how to live a life dedicated to God. She also is believed to have an Assumption, of full body and spirit to Heaven. Mary has been a prominent part of the Catholic tradition.

So, what is my own beliefs about her? I know one thing, she is an intercessor, like the saints. She is also leads us to her son, Jesus. She wants us to be dedicated to God like her. She is also considered Queen of Heaven and Earth, and that she always wants us to follow God.

Outside of the Catholic faith, some Protestants do not understand why Mary is so well loved. They may see our dedication to Mary as
worship of someone other than God, as a distraction. It’s understandable, but misses the point of focusing on Mary. She is supposed to lead us to God, and help us do His will before our own.


I pray that a love of Mary strengthens someone’s love of God.

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