New Year’s Resolutions

Hello World! Happy New Year!

I will begin my weekly posting on Wednesdays early with a list of all my new year’s resolutions. But before I list them I want to clear up a couple of things.

New Year’s Resolutions can be a funky thing. Many of us just choose “lose weight” or “Quit smoking” or “Enjoy life more.” Sure these ideas are desirable, but without any game plan or final destination, the chances of accomplishing those resolutions may be slim. Some people give up on New Year’s Resolutions because simply because they don’t work out.  You have to provide some set-up before the New Year and have the willing to 2015-12-29-11.20.30.jpg.jpegmake the consistent effort throughout the year. Instead of saying “I need to lose weight,” say “I need to lose 1o pounds by March 1, and I will accomplish this by going to the gym three times a week and eating more fruits and vegetables.” You don’t have to have every detail set up, but rather a direction and a motivation to continue. If you need more advice on planning New Year’s Resolutions, read this article.

Also the New Year is not the only time to make any goals or plans for the future. It helps in the journey of life to make the effort to plan for certain things, like what will you do in 5 years?  What is my plan in college? The tradition of New Year Resolutions is a reminder to set goals for ourselves, and to change our lifes. In order to make change viable, action has to happen. You have to want it. Setting up new goals for yourself  doesn’t have to happen just around New Year’s , but any day and every day in any and every moment. It doesn’t matter when, just do it. My school has resources on making goals and decisions that can be effective. We have SMART goals, which stand for Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, and Time-Bound. More details on SMART goals can be found here.  You don’t have to make goals exactly like that, but use this as a guide. See what works for you, as some strategies may work for some people and  not others. I do not recommend not having any type of goal, as it leaves you heading nowhere in life.

Now here are my resolutions with details on how to accomplish them:

New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Keep a close faith in God through
    1. Signing up for Hourly Adoration Shift this semester, and attending it weekly
    2. Go to daily mass whenever possible this semester.
    3. Reading my bible daily this year
    4. Continue attending Sunday Mass.
    5. Attending Austin Caritas 2016.
    6. Volunteering for Longhorn Awakening 60.
  2. Work out 2-3 times a week, using a periodization technique for the next 3 months.
    1. Plan each workout and record exercises, weight, set and rep count, etc.
    2. Set goals on weight per exercise and body weight.
  3. Get an A- or higher in every class this semester
    1. Make a schedule daily the night before that day.
    2. Read necessary readings before each class
    3. Attend class, pay attention, and take clear and concise notes in class every day.
    4. Use planner daily, and check progress weekly.
    5. Review notes, homework, etc. weekly on Friday for each week
    6. Go to office hours or tutoring for help whenever necessary
  4. Get my driver’s license by my 20th
    1. Take Driver’s ED this semester in Austin
    2. Practice driving.
    3. Do the driving test in May/June
  5. Transfer to Architectural Engineering next semester
    1. Apply on April 15
    2. Maintain or raise regular GPA and technical GPA (See #4).
  6. Remain active in my organizations (AEI, STRONG, and Longhorn Awakening) by attending meetings, events, etc.
  7. Get a job this summer.
    1. Start looking for a job in April
    2. Communicate with former professors, local employers, etc.
  8. Post Weekly blogs on Wednesdays
    1. Have scheduled posts for busy weeks

Thanks for a great 2015 and Here’s to 2016!latest-happy-new-year-2016-photos

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