Vacation and Back to School

Hello World,

I think we all need some quiet vacation. Especially since I worked, took summer classes, and did Ignite Texas this summer. So I need to relax a little. MDSCN2364y family decided to stay a couple days in my cousin Ron’s (I think 2nd or once removed, something like that, he’s my Dad’s cousin) and his wife Ellen’s Beach house in Port Aransas. It was super nice. and just a short walk to the beach.  On the first day, we just walked around town and settled in. We had dinner at Seafood and Spaghetti Works, and went down the beach for some quiet time.

On Tuesday, we went to the UT Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas. We walked around on the outdoor and indoor exhibit. I even caught a video of  a brown pelican landing. I cannot show it here due to media restrictions, but it was pretty cool. It was a really interesting place and I would recommend going whenever you are in the area.  DSCN2337  Also UT did not ask me to advertise their place. I’m not that well known anyway. We went the Texas State Aquarium and watched the dolphins. I did not mind much of dolphins in tanks, especially if they are both born in zoos.  We went to Taqueria San Juan, the best Mexican place in Port Aransas. I had the Texas plate, which was good. I liked it, even considering the fact there is only two or three Mexican places there.  We also celebrated my sister’s birthday in the evening.  It was a good day.

The last day we headed home, but not before stopping in Rockport. At Goose Island State Park, we stopped by and saw a baby blue heron. It is not a newborn but it looks rather young and maybe a “teenager.” I am DSCN2370laughing as I write this, because it was so cute. The wind there was unbearable as we tried to picnic-lunch there without losing our food. I enjoyed my break but my older brother could not wait to get home.

Now I am back in Austin for school. I am waiting for classes to start and my roommate to move into the dorm. I hope it all goes well. Especially since I am stressed due to school starting.  It’s good to relax a little before the stresses of life take over.

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