Race, Marriage, and Equality for All

Hello World,

I forgot how cool blogging can be, and how much my life has changed, that I ignore this page. That is all I will say, as I will return to do “regular” blogging, once a week to a month depending on issues, my time and whatnot.download

So, there are few big things the liberal’s are having victories on and my opinions that I agree on, are somewhat conservative politically.One same-sex marriage.  I am straight, I’m glad this will help the LGBT society gain a one-up, because they are people.  I am glad for this equality,  but I would like to remind you of the original and Church meaning of marriage, which shall never go away because you think of  LGBT community, which is only less than ten percent of the country, needs the rights that should’ve already been given. The Catholic Church has the sacrament of marriage, to unite a couple, a man and woman as God created them in love, connect that love with God, and to produce a fruitful life as one.  Gays and lesibans cannot do this because their love is more earthly than heavenly. It never truly equal the marriage that unites a man and a woman, because they are two separate things.  Even if you think, oh LGBT can raise children, have a family, they have to be either adopted, surrogate, or with another of the opposite sex. Gays and Lesibans can never have sex correctly because those parts don’t complement each other and it is more of a love of pleasure rather than one for God. Bisexuals have a fuzzy area, which I rather not delve into, because they have to choose one side or other. Transgenders can’t even have sex well because their sexual parts are not their original parts. LGBT can worship God as others, but are still required to be chastise, as all other Christians do. (see CCC 2357-59). Overall, I support gay marriage because it supports humanity, which I admit, the movement pretty positive.

The second issue is of white supremacy, and the taking down of the Confederate flag. Let’s get a few things straight. The US Civil War was not just a war on slavery. If so, we would have been marked as fighting it while we were still a united country, bbecause we still had slavery as the United States. That led to many compromises and fights within during the 1800’s including the Great Compromise of 1850, and the Dred-Scott case. The war was more than slavery, it was over a polarized country fighting for political ideologies. The South stood for states rights, and the Confederacy would more proudly lean towards the individual states rather than the central government. The North fought to reunite the country. Slavery was not the only reason the South broke away, just one. If slavery was the only reason, the Emancipation Proclamation should of have fixed the war. The 13th-15th Amendment legally made slavery illegal, gave all men of any color rights and voting, (women’s rights, sadly came later). The confederate flag does not symbolize slavery, it is just connected to a group that had slavery, which was not the entire principles of Confederacy. The meaning behind the Confederate flag was to show that the 13 original states’s rights were being destroyed with the movements before the Civil War. To equalize it with the Nazi Germany flag is to commit a logical fallacy, because Nazi Germany’s flag did not symbolize Anti-Semitism until the time it took over. The Nazis were concerned with Aryan supremacy, while the South concerned with states rights. Also if this was true, we should of punished the South, in which President Johnson, (Lincoln did want to punish the South, but he was assassinated) just told the states to reunite their governments and have ten percent agree to the new rules of the Union, etc. etc. The flag would’ve been taken down then. Now, it just seems pointless. If you want to take down the flag because it the South’s states rights fight being invalid, I would understand. I don’t support it, I would understand.

Pus, in accordance to the Charleston shooting, we need hearts to be changed, and taking down a flag won’t begin to solve this problem of white supremacy. The race divide that should’ve been fixed a long time ago, and was with the 14th Amendment, has been left to fester and be infected many times due to hateful people with stuff like Jim Crow laws. We fixed those, now the only thing left to heal is people, which is near impossible. I think of all races as equals because they are people, not black, white, Asian, hispanic. I pray that the rest of us think the same, The central government can’t fix police brutality until we become a police state, because the police are under town, city and state laws, not just the central government. What I would support is training of police through their departments for arresting on actions, not race. The general public would need to be taught on the fact of race as only a cultural and human aspect that should be accepted to unite us. The people can change, but some won’t, and the government can’t force them if it really wants freedom for all.

These two issues are news so TPP can go uncover. I will write on the faults and successes of media next time, but basically, we can’t report everything because large audience, bias, etc. But for now, equality of a person shall succeed, despite which side you choose in issues, black, white,or rainbow.

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