Update and Restart

Hello World. It’s been a few years and I’ve almost forgotten I had this blog. I’ve wanted to  This blog is for showcasing my beliefs, my opinions and anything else than comes to mind, Currently the plan is to post weekly on Friday until the end of 2015, so I can explain my life, my opinions and whatnot without pushing it and limit myself. I know there will be breaks, but I am working on commitments, a concept I still struggle with. First, I will explain the new name.  It is almost like a categorization of posts, but more of a description of who I am and my life. .

  • A stands for Architecture, my major at the University of Texas at Austin. I am a creative spirit, and architecture is one way I can express that creativity and make it worth while. I am not truly a perfect artist (nor a real good one), but more of a child willing to learn anything given to him. I have loved architecture, but as I go through the school I learn there is more to it than creating. It is functional, it is purposeful, and it is not perfect. My flawed nature gives me some problems in my major, and I have thought of changing. But then, I remember why I fell in love: creativity and use.
  • B is the basics. It is the area where my thoughts on random stuff goes.This is the other category, where my love of band, my Eagle Scout rank, and my quest for finding myself and growing up as a college student exist,  My opinions on anything from LGBT issues  to pop culture, politics to comedy, autism to whatever else is active around the world are in this category. .
  • Finally, the greatest one then all, C is for Christ Jesus, for whom I am ever grateful from beginning of time to his death on the cross, his resurrection and now until forever. My belief and my religion is the center of my life, and words alone can not describe how wonderful and great God is and how he is made in impact on my life. I am a faithful Roman Catholic, but I also hang out with other Christians and share beliefs, because we all worship the same God and teach the same message: love. My belief affects my opinions of other things, as I was raised and I have grown to love God since my baptism when I was two months old.

So, in conclusion the ABC’s of my life is an exploration of myself, my favorite things,my faith and my thoughts on the world.I hope that you enjoy this journey I will embark, in order to express and better understand who I am.

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